Adapting to a changing world

Middle Tennessee and the world are constantly changing.  We will face many new challenges and opportunities in District 78 as our region develops and shifts.  Examples include, new technology, increasing population (approximately 100 daily moving into our region), new cultures assimilating, and a shifting climate.  Some of those changes will transform us.  I plan to use my varied leadership experiences to help us navigate these future changes so we can more readily adapt, or transform that which transform us.

One instance of leadership that exemplifies my experiences occurred during my federal law enforcement career after 9/11.  Shortly thereafter, multiple anthrax mailings caused four deaths of postal employees and severely reduced communications in our nation’s capital as two Senators received anthrax letters.  As a Postal Inspector, I was appointed the Team Leader for the newly formed Anti-Terrorism Task Force for the eight-state Region.  I was chosen mainly because of my Masters in Technology and Human Affairs, specializing in how technology is introduced, assimilated, and accepted in our society.

My team of six were tasked in assessing the new security risks posed and how we may protect our employees, facilities, and ensure continued delivery of the mail.  After six months of training, assessing, and developing protocols, I completed a report to management explaining our findings.  Terrorism positions within the Postal Inspection Service were created to coordinate with other law enforcement agencies, new mail handling procedures were proposed for postal management, and new security guidelines were suggested to address future threats.

Our future demands legislators that have varied experiences to face uncertain situations.   My breadth of experiences from law enforcement, auditing, and agriculture should help not only District 78, but also the State of Tennessee as we build bridges to our future for the common good.

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