Democracy is still a test

Democracy is still a test.  After 230 years, Thomas Jefferson’s idea is still spinning around the world in different forms and fashions.  With individual freedom on one hand and the collective action of government on the other, there will always be tension between the two.  That tension – or discussion of government’s role – in our society is always up for debate, especially with changing technologies, increasing populations, merging cultures, and increasing impacts of climate change.  Currently, that tension has escalated to an extreme I have never seen in my lifetime.

That’s why I’m running – to make room for statesmanship, civil discourse, and reasoned debate.  I promise to use your voices and my varied experiences to help this District assert itself in the Tennessee General Assembly.

We do have more in common than that which divides us, but with 24/7 media, unprecedented money in politics, and permanent campaign mode, we hear more of the negative and then suffer gridlock in our government.  I promise to bring an open mind while serving as District 78’s representative, seeking shared values and working on the everyday issues we face: health care, education and infrastructure.  I will strive to make this government work for all.  For the common good.  As Woodrow Wilson said, “Who shall live up to great trust? Who dares fail to try?”

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