John Patrick advocates for making health care affordable and keeping our small-town hospitals open, for promoting and efficiently funding life-long learning starting with pre-K through community colleges and beyond, while attending to immediate needs such as the opioid crisis and expansion of infrastructure like broadband internet service.

I stand for bringing integrity to this position for all Tennessee House District 78, with:

Healthy families and communities

John thinks affordable health care is a foundation for not only all Tennesseans’ health, but for a healthy work force and an economic driver. Failure to expand Medicaid has cost our state over $3 billion in federal aid and has contributed to eight hospital closures  in rural areas similar to those in District 78. Hospitals – along with schools and faith communities – are the strengths of a healthy rural community. John promises to work to extend reasonable medical care to those who need it.

Life-long learning

Technology is now growing faster than humans can adapt. Life-long and affordable education, from Pre-K through college and beyond, will become necessary to keep up with this changing technology. John has taught at the graduate level and thinks Tennesseans are willing to support increased education, but he understands that education still starts with the parents and guardians having the primary responsibility for teaching an ethic of hard work and values for educational achievement.

Opportunity for all District 78 citizens

Many citizens realize that Nashville’s population is expanding to District 78. Some are concerned how best to provide for these new residents through additional infrastructure (like expanding broadband internet), quality schools, and jobs without losing their communities’ unique identity. John holds a wide range of life experiences, has lived in cities, served in government, and knows how rural and urban areas complement each other. Being a farmer for the past eight years near Ashland City, has enabled him to put down roots, to know the importance of rural values, to do meaningful work in this District as it faces these challenges and opportunities of our growing Middle Tennessee Region.

Effective and accountable government

John’s experience in the federal government combines protecting the public from crimes and waste. He served as a federal law enforcement officer: first as a Postal Inspector and then as a Special Agent with the Office of Inspector General in Washington DC. He also worked as a financial and performance auditor of governmental programs, evaluating regional and national programs for fraud, waste, and abuse. He knows where to look for crimes against the public welfare and how to ensure that government is effective and accountable.